Monday night I attended a meeting of the Baltimore Writer’s Association at the Baltimore Chop Bookshop.  The speakers, Dave Rosenthal from the Baltimore Sun ( and Heather Johnson ( spoke on book blogging, book review, and the changing face of news media.  It was a fascinating presentation, and sparked some great literary conversation on how authors can generate a buzz for their books on the web.  It also emphasized the steady decline of print media with the increase in cybermedia as a primary news source. 


It was great to sit and have coffee with a group so passionate about books.  I got some great leads on literary blogs and researching media outlets, and was able get more information about blogging, focus my blogging objectives, and so on. 


Thanks to all who put on the meeting.  It was extremely relevant to the changing face of publishing, and helpful to me, as a writer.



One thought on “Acknowledgments

  1. Heather J. says:

    It was wonderful to meet you as well. FYI, I mentioned your upcoming book on my blog today. 🙂

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