No, not the ill fated woman of Greek mythology whose curiosity unleashed pain and sorrow, but the music genome project website.  Since I stumbled upon I can’t get enough of it.  In short, you register (easy and free), choose your favorite music artists or songs from any era or genre, and the website finds music that matches your favorites in tonality, tempo, stylings, etc.  With each new song it suggests, you can either give it a thumbs up or down to keep it on your playlist or not.  Each song also comes with history so you can learn more about the composers and bands.  While I work, I have several classical music playlists (Mozart, Chopin, Bach, and Beethoven) that I set on shuffle.  It’s heaven. 

I bring up music, again, because it is a muse for my writing.  My novel, Receive Me Falling, features some of the songs I listened to that gave me inspiration. Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata is the ghostly music that emanates from the abandoned plantation house.  Chopin’s Nocture in E minor is also played by my nineteenth century protagonist, Catherine.   Also influential to the overall theme of the novel was David Gray’s Birds Without Wings The music sets the mood for the scenes and I wish I could embed a listening device into the text when the songs come up.  Maybe Kindle could handle that.

When authors name musical pieces in their works, I make it a point to listen to them.  Debussy’s music is mentioned in the novel, Atonement, and Clair De Lune is used in the film as the backdrop of a war scene.  Its sweet, quiet melody is a stirring contrast to the images of violence playing against it.  Kate Chopin’s, The Awakening, mentions Chopin’s Nocturnes.  Kate Mosse’s, Sepulchre , again brings in Debussy. 

But for now, it’s back to Pandora.


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