I love moody Maryland weather.  It was 70 degrees last week, and today it’s snowing.  Only in this state are short sleeved shirts and thick, wooly sweaters mixed in the same loads of laundry. 

The snow got me thinking of Robert Frost, naturally, and his lovely and well known “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening.”

Frost moved to Key West during the time that Hemingway’s second marriage was ending.  Upon Hemingway’s death in 1961, Frost refered to him as a “friend I shall miss”  ( I would love to visit his house on my next trip to the island.  If I can find more about their relationship, I’ll try to include a scene my Hemingway novel.

Another famed literary Key West resident was Tennessee Williams.  He only met Hemingway once since Hemingway was spending most of his time in Cuba at that point.  Williams’ House is now privately owned, but the Frost cottage and Hemingway house are open to the public.

If you enjoy reading about literary landmarks, try the Novel Destinations blog. It’s got great photos and tidbits about places in literature from all over the globe. 



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