I read Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight in two nights and I have three boys under the age of six, a puppy, and a husband.  That should say a lot right there. 

In short summary, Twilight is about the romance between a high school girl and a vampire.  They are intoxicated with each other–he likens being around her to a recovered heroine addict spending time in a room with vial of heroine.  It doesn’t seem possible that it could work, but it does, sort of.

What’s great about the novel is that it reads like a diary.  It is searingly honest (well, not really, it is fiction), and nearly embarrassing in its intimacy.  It is written in the first person point of view, which is a very effective way to closely involve the reader in the story.  The tension is nearly unbearable; first, as the connection between Bella and Edward begins, and then, when her safety is compromised.  It elicits a strong emotional response at all times whether it is teenage uncertainty, love, or fear, and often all at once. 

The only thing negative I can think of about the book is that the romance is pure fairy tale–she’s drawn to him for his beauty, he’s drawn to her for her scent, and from that connection she is willing to risk her life, and he is willing to risk the safety of his vampire family.  But I love fairy tales, and I know that teenagers fall head over heels in love for silly reasons, and I’m willing to suspend all disbelief about their eternal happiness for the sake of these characters.

I highly recommend Twilight.


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