Self Publishing Chapter Two: Affirmation


Every now and then a wave of self-doubt washes over me with the whole self-publishing thing.  My Writer’s Market books scream that I need an agent.  It’s too tough a market to go it alone.  Agents get you better deals.   You shouldn’t have to pay to get your work out there, you should be paid.  And on and on…

But then in my daily agent blog reads I get continuous affirmation on the path I’ve chosen.  Every day they cry the blues over the publishing industry in shambles, big shake ups, restructuring, lay offs , and book buying “freezes” .  They lament all the poor writers stuck in limbo waiting to find out if their editors are still employed, and whether or not they still have a cheerleader pushing their manuscripts along to publication.   

As a first time writer, I have to prove myself to these people, so I feel good about my decision to self-publish.  It takes care of  few things:        

a) It satisfies my impatience to get my book in print and out to the many book clubs and organizations who are asking for it.

b) It satiates my need for control.  I picked the cover art.  I picked the font.  I picked the layout.  I even got to pick the little squiggly things that separate the different sections of text. 

c) It gives me a new strategy to get my foot in the door with agents and editors.  If I can generate some decent sales on my own, perhaps that will prove me “worthy” of a traditional publishing contract.

Anyway, I’m pushing forward with renewed excitement. 



2 thoughts on “Self Publishing Chapter Two: Affirmation

  1. Angie Hilz says:


    You keep believing in yourself, and your book sounds great, I will look forward to reading it someday. Your bookshelf looks a lot like mine for both event planning and screenwriting. I think there is some comfort in seeing those books on a regular bases it keeps me focused and reminds me to keep reaching for my goals! You will do this! I can trully understand and appreciate the hard work you are going through, since I am pursuing my dream of becoming an event planner and have done so much hard work to get started in this industry and it is just a matter of someone taking the chance on me, to really build my dream.

    I read your blog and understand your thoughts, feelings, frustrations, and DETERMINATION to keep your head up and make this dream a reality. Let me know when your book is available to read! GOOD LUCK!


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