Holiday Gifts for the Book Lover

With the economy in such scary shape, here are some not-so-expensive gift ideas for the book lover (code–nerd) in your life. 

For Twilight fans, check out the shirt below.  It’s only $18.00 and sure to bring a smile.

Edward Cullen is all mine t-shirt

For the Jane Austen lover, check out the I love Mr. Darcy eco-friendly tote for $10.75.


Gotta love the William Shakespere Umbrella for $24.95.


I’m crazy over this Poe Mousepad for $8.50.


And for the drinker in your life, some literary shot glasses for $14.95:

Great Drinkers Shot Glasses

There’s no end to the great literary gift ideas you can find online.  My all-time  favorite gift was from my husband.  He found me an early edition copy of Jane Austen’s Persuasion.    That made me melt!



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