49 West

Last night, I was able to attend a concert at 49 West in Annapolis.  It’s a great little coffee house/wine bar/art gallery that has a creative, European feel.  Hemingway’s A Movable Feast came to mind.

I went to meet some friends and see Joe Morson do a solo piano show.   His sound is somewhere between George Winston and The Fray, and he plays a great mix of covers and original songs.  My particular favorite was Remebrance, which can be heard on his myspace page.  It has runs that are reminiscent of Chopin.

Joe also has a sister, Jenn, who has beautiful vocal talent.  She was featured in a few songs.  I was also pleasantly surprised to hear my brother, Adam,  perform a few covers with Joe.  Adam is forever humming songs that I usually tell him to stop humming,  but after last night’s performance I won’t attempt to stifle him anymore. 

Music–particularly instrumental music– never fails to inspire me.  I was able to unobtrusively scratch out the opening to another book I’m working on while I listened.  I look forward to seeing more shows there in the future.


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