Local Music

If you’re ever in Crownsville, MD, just north of Annapolis, you have to check out Lure’s Bar & Grille.  They have 14 Craft beers on tap, fresh, delicious seafood, and a live music.  My husband and I celebrated New Year’s Eve there with some friends.  We had a great dinner (I recommend the Rockfish Bites, Seared Tuna, and Crab Cakes) and enjoyed the sounds of Dave Tieff.


Dave is the lead singer of Laughing Colors.  He’s about to launch a solo CD called The Art of Peace.  He’s a great local musician who plays covers and originals.   From Led Zeppelin, to Van Morrison, to his own candid songs dealing with his personal struggles, Dave has something for everyone.  His rendition of Guns N’ Roses, Patience, brought the house down, and he even indulged a few closet Bon Jovi lovers when they asked really nicely. 😉    

Here’s Dave’s 2009 performance schedule.  Support your local artists!

Happy New Year!


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