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             In the category of mindless fun for today, here are the results from the latest book quiz I was referred to by my favorite book blogger, Heather Johnson.  I feel that the results are accurate so I’m putting a link to the quiz here
             One of the questions on the quiz asked how many books are on your nightstand, and since I’ve spent all my Christmas money (thanks Pop Pop) in a book buying frenzy that should keep me busy until next Christmas, mine’s about to buckle.  Here’s what I bought, and why:
  • Wild Nights  by Joyce Carol Oates  (There’s a short story in here called “Papa at Ketchum 1961” told in the first person by Hemingway, about to commit suicide.  Bleak.)
  • Teacher Man by Frank McCourt  (A friend recommended I read it, and since I read the two prequels…)
  • A Mercy by Toni Morrison  (I read everything by her.  She’s a favorite.)
  • Loving Frank by Nancy Horan.  (It’s a novel about a woman’s love affair with architect Frank Lloyd Wright.  My dad had a FLW obsession while I was growing up, so he’d take my family to see FLW’s houses– Fallingwater, Pope Leighey House…  I was a grouchy, teenaged girl who didn’t care about cantilevers and organic architechture .  Now, of course, I appreaciate my dad injecting some culture into my life.)
  • At World’s End by Ken Follett  (Imagine my happy surprise when I realized there was a sequel out there to Pillars of the Earth.)
  • Screenplays by David S. Cohen (My husband got me a Screenwriter software set so I can turn my books into blockbuster movies. ;) This book breaks down popular screenplays and why they were effective.)
  • In a Dark Wood by Amanda Craig  (This was a fun, independent bookstore find at the Baltimore Chop Bookshop.  It sounds like a fairy tale for grown-ups.)
  • The Child in Time, Amsterdam, and On Chesil Beach by Ian McEwan.  (Ian McEwan is my new obsession.  He got my attention with Atonement, and now I want to see what he’s all about.)
  • The Memoirist by M. J. Rose  (I won this at a recent Baltimore Writers meeting for knowing a bunch of random literary trivia.  Woo-hoo!)
  • Zelda:  A Biography by Zelda Fitzgerald  (I was given this book by my uncle–a fellow “lost generation” lover.)
I think that’s all.  Now, if there were only couple extra hours in each day…

One thought on “Book Quiz

  1. Eileen Cortese says:

    Thanks for the link to the quiz…that was fun! I’m a literate good citizen!

    Your list of recently purchased books was very interesting. I’ll be anxious to hear what you think of “On Chesil Beach.” I loved it (not as much as “Atonement” but very much) but most of my friends HATED it. Admittedly, it is depressing but I thought McEwan did a great job describing the range of emotions in the characters.

    I just read a wonderful book called “The Lady’s Maid” by Margaret Forster. It is the story of Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s personal maid. A fabulous look at life in the servant class in mid-1800’s Europe. I read it on a Carribean cruise but spent most of my time in my head in England and Italy….love books like that! It is historical fiction, but the main character did actually exist.

    As for “The Shack,” I am not a big fan. Like you, I had heard SO much about it and couldn’t wait to read it. Had a hard time getting through it, although I think my head might not have been in the right place to read it. I may try to go through it again…especially the judgement scene you talk about.

    Happy Reading and I love your blog!

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