Happy 200th Poe!!

Don’t you just love how tortured and strange Poe looks in all of his portraits?  Well today is his 200th birthday, so you’ll see lots of Poe stuff around the reading and writing blogs.

Baltimore loves to claim Poe as its own, so there are many events around town to celebrate our beloved writer.  Tonight, Westminister Hall on Fayette Avenue will feature “The Pit and the Pendulum” and “The Black Cat” from 7-9 PM.  On Saturday, January 31st, there will be a tribute to Poe featuring John Astin of “The Addams Family.”

The Read Street blog at the Baltimore Sun is featuring guest bloggers on Poe and his influence.  Today’s post is from Gilead author Marilynne Robinson.

The Novel Destinations blog has a listing of more Poe events outside of the state of MD that might be worth your while.

Finally, my oldest son loves Poe, but I’ve often found while reading him Poe’s stories, that the language is a bit elevated for the first grade crowd.  If your children like Poe, I’ve rewritten some of the stories that can be printed out and illustrated by your kids.  If you’re not big weird-o’s like us, just ignore these links:  poe-usher1      &     poe-oval-portrait

Of course, I can’t let this post go by without mentioning Dr. Martin Luther King.  If you have 17 minutes, watch the “I Have a Dream” speech.  Beautiful.


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