New Hope

I love it!  I love it!  I love it!

The Rumpusmy favorite online magazine for edgy pop culture reviews, blogs, and articles (think Kanye West and James Frey instead of Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan)–has launched its new book review section

Just when I was lamenting the end of the Washington Posts’ Book World   and the decline of paper review in newspaper pull-outs, I thought, “Who cares!”  I mean seriously.  Do I need some overschooled, pretentious, elite to tell me what books to read using hundreds of dead trees a year?  (I don’t know if the reviewers are actually overschooled, pretentious, or elite, but I liked the way that sounded.)

Hey, I love how newspaper smells and the feel of paper books.  (I’m holding out on Kindle for now, though I’m not making any promises for later.)  But it’s better for the environment if newspapers go online.  It will make it impossible for me splatter olive oil and wine all over the headlines while I read and cook dinner, but I’ll get over it. 

But back to the Rumpus–I was excited about their new book review section because they don’t just want to review celebrities, or people with platforms, or authors writing their tenth books.  They also want first time authors who’ve self-published.  Their reviewers are working writers with original tastes looking for great finds.  They want to “incite a big, messy, unpredictable conversation about what’s new, exciting, and consequential in contemporary literature.”

Did I say, “I love it” already?


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