Publishing Update


I’m starting to discover that I’m not a patient person. 

I’m still waiting on final approval of the cover art from the National Gallery of Art, that was supposed to be done last week.  I’ll also have to wait for another proof of my book from the printer because the most recent proof has the text centered in the middle of the page–which is fine on most pages except for chapter endings and beginnings that don’t take up a whole page. 

I keep getting asked when the book will be ready, and it’s a bit like being 39.5 weeks pregnant and having people ask you if you’ve had the baby yet.  (Well, not exactly like that.  I am a great deal more physically comfortable.  And I like being asked about the book.)  But it just reminds me that I’m waiting…

I didn’t have to wait more than three minutes, however, for the latest morning show rejection on covering my book in their book segment.  I keep pestering the Senior Producer of (un)said show every week when yet another article comes out about the shiftng publishing matrix to self-publishing.  Today’s article was from Time Magazine, and talked about how authors are now going out on their own to generate sales to prove themselves worthy of traditional publishing contracts.  The article compares the old form of publishing to a “tidy, well-maintained orchard,” and the new model of publishing to “a riotous jungle:  vast and trackless and chaotic, full of exquisite orchids and undiscovered treasures and a hell of a lot of noxious weeds.”

My novel is certainly not a noxious weed; hopefully, more of an exquisite orchid.  But I love that analogy.


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