The Cover

Ta Da…


I received my final cover approval from the National Gallery of Art yesterday.  Well, my contact said that some of the dark areas need to be a bit darker, and there’s a slight greenness to it (?) that needs to be adjusted, but other than that, it’s a go.   She said that the adjustments are so slight I don’t even have to resubmit another proof.  Hooray!

I contacted my cover design company, and they think they can easily make those adjustments.  They want to see the proof, too, since they just have a digital file of the image.  I just have to get that to them and the rest is on me.

I need to put in another plug for  They have been a dream to work with–always making adjustments and corrections quickly.  They did a beautiful job translating the painting I’d picked into a cover.  I would highly recommend them to any authors thinking of self-publishing. 

I can see the finish line…


5 thoughts on “The Cover

  1. Tracy H says:

    It looks like a bestseller to me!

  2. Amy says:

    That is beautiful! I would definitely pick that up in a bookstore 😉

  3. Lara T. says:

    What a beautiful cover!! Great choice!

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