Hemingway hits the Big Screen

My sense of urgency for finishing my Hemingway novel increased today when I read this article on Galleycat.   It looks like Anthony Hopkins will play Hemingway in an upcoming film directed by Andy Garcia.  I broke into a cold sweat when I saw the headline, but my heart rate slowed when I saw that the film is about Hemingway’s later years.   My novel is about his time in Key West in his 30s.  And while Hemingway is a central charater in my novel, it’s really about my protagonist–a fictious housekeeper in the Hemingway household. 

The movie is still being written so I have some time.  My goal is to have a complete first draft by the end of July.  (I have about 70 pages so far.)  It will be nice to see Hemingway in the media when querying agents about my manuscript because publishing tends to follow trends.  If I’m shopping a Hemingway novel while a movie is out, it will work out well.  If I follow a movie by months and months, I’ve missed it.  One has to be careful, however.  Harry Potter resulted in millions of wizardly knock-offs. The same is true for vampire stories following Twilight.  I wouldn’t want to be thought of as chasing a trend, and end up in the slush pile. 

But I’m not, so hopefully, that would  come across.  And truly, I don’t think the popular buzz that followed blockbusters like Harry Potter and Twilight would come from a Hemingway movie.  I don’t see scores of people pushing out Hemingway manuscripts in response to this movie.

Anyway, must stop blogging.  Must start writing…


One thought on “Hemingway hits the Big Screen

  1. Eileen says:

    You go, girl!! I’m very excited about your current project…just the kind of story I love to read.

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