The Annapolis Bookstore


The Annapolis Bookstore is a charming, little shop on Maryland Avenue piled with books from floor to ceiling. They have a bed (see front window) where customers can “read in bed“, a piano, and an inviting children’s book nook. 


The store is organized exactly the way my shelves are organized at home. Browsing there was like cooking in someone else’s kitchen who kept all of their utensils and pots just where I did–everything was at my fingertips.

Books new and old, local and national, crisp and heavily-loved sit next to each other on the shelves.   I bought The Reader and Ernest Hemingway: A Life StoryI was excited about the Hemingway find because it was full of pictures of him in Key West that I’d never seen before, which will help me with my new novel.

The Annapolis Bookstore has agreed to carry my book, Receive Me Falling.   I will also be selling my book outside of the store on Sunday, April 26th from 2-4 for Maryland Avenue’s annual Spring Fling.  I hope to see you there.


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