This ‘n That…

~I just returned from North Carolina for a spring get-a-way with the family.  We spent lots of time on the beach renewing our depleted Vitamin D supplies, and it was bliss…


~While in North Carolina, I was able to meet with an independent bookseller who now carries my book, Receive Me Falling.  Her shop is called the Quarter Moon.  It’s full of books, stationery, and local goodies.  The owner, Lori Westervelt, is going to host a signing for me in July.  I can’t wait!

~In my last post, I reviewed a book about Padre Pio–a recently canonized Capuchin friar with the stigmata.  In my readings, I came across a blog bashing the priest and his followers claiming that Padre Pio courted media attention and that his wounds were self-inflicted chemical burns.  I must respond to those two counts against him.  First, Padre Pio was forced–under rule of obedience to his superiors–to show the wounds in the picture I posted on my blog.  He was deeply humiliated about showing them in public, and always wore black, fingerless gloves to hide the marks on his hands.  Second, the day before Padre Pio died, all of his wounds (that had been there for decades) disappeared without a trace–leaving no scars or markings of any kind.   (see photo below) Self-inflicted chemical burns would surely have left scars. 

~Check out my recently added blogroll on the right side of the screen to see some of the blogs I read each day. 

~Finally, in honor of the recent vernal equinox, enjoy Vivaldi’s Spring here.


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