Grassroots Support

Publicity without a publicist (and three children and a puppy) can be, ahem, a challenge, which is why I’m so pleased with the response I’ve gotten from local newspapers, bookstores, and writing groups.

Let’s start with Borders in Annapolis.  Every store clerk, sales manager, and event planner I’ve met has been enthusiastic and responsive.  It took some persistence, but setting up a signing was pain free and organized.  I look forward to the event on May 16th. 

Onto The Baltimore Sun.    Their book blog, Read Street, is primarily written by Nancy Johnston and Dave Rosenthal.  I met Dave at a Baltimore Writer’s Meeting and he helped inspire me to start a writer’s blog and publish my book.  They mentioned my book today, and I’m very grateful.

Finally, today I met with Theresa Winslow of The Captial Newspaper in Annapolis.  She is writing a piece about my novel, and read enough of it to ask me very insightful and detailed questions.  The story will run within the next two weeks or so.  I’ll post a link when it’s ready.

I’m still working on local visual media, but I wanted to take the time to recognize the groups that have helped me so far.  Thank you!


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