Spring Fling and Annapolis Reflections


I had a signing at The Annapolis Bookstore on Maryland Avenue on Sunday, and it went very well.  I met many wonderful people, connected with artists and old friends, and enjoyed the gorgeous (hot!) weather.  It was a pleasure to spend my day listening to music and talking to tourists and residents.   I met a fellow Maryland writer, George Callaghan. I also enjoyed the music of the Celtic band, The Rovers.  I’ve never heard Pink Floyd played by guys in kilts before, but I dug it.


When you’re a local author writing about the place you’re selling books, the reception is very warm.  People love reading about the streets and places they’ve walked.  It helps to forge a connection between the reader and the text, and makes the reader more invested in the story.  

The present day protagonist of my novel, Receive Me Falling, is from Annapolis, so I can’t help but think of her when I walk the streets.  I was born in Annapolis and have lived here all my life, so I have a great love for the city.  There’s a great sense of community and history, and the people are very friendly. 

Many types of people converge on the cobblestone–the short haired midshipman from the Naval Academy, the long haired “Johnnies” at St. John’s College, the sailors, the artists, the musicians–and they do it with respect for one another and their city.

One of my favorite things to do is walk the side streets to see the hundred year old houses.  They smell of boxwood, ivy, and rusty wrought iron fences, and have thick, leaded windows.  They too have a presence. 

I love my city.



One thought on “Spring Fling and Annapolis Reflections

  1. Erika Knepp says:

    It was so nice meeting you (briefly) on Sunday–can’t wait to read your book! I couldn’t find you on Facebook. Feel free to friend me if you are able.

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