Going Digital and Other Updates

For you technologically savvy readers out there, I’m pleased to announce that my book, Receive Me Falling, is now available as an ebook to download to your favorite digital reading devices. 

When I first heard of the Kindle, I had a fit about it.  Who would want to look at a computer screen to read books?  Who would want to snuggle up in bed with a computer screen?  How do you let others borrow books?  What do you use to pile up all over shelves and bedside tables and desks, if not books?  What about the cost?!

As I was ranting at my kids’ pediatrician about this, he pulled out his Kindle and the room got quiet. As it turns out, the screen is very much NOT a computer screen.  It has a matte cover, no glare, no inside lighting, and looks exactly like a page of a book with a little frame.  He showed me that he could download new books for $9.99, classics for $.99, newspaper subscriptions, and magazines.  As an older gentleman, he loved the feature that allowed the Kindle to blow up the text letters so they could be easily seen.  It has a memory card that holds hundreds of books, and can be replaced with a new card if it fills. This was a bonus for him since he had just downsized into a small house in a retirement community.  He didn’t want piles of books cluttering up his house. 

He still didn’t sell me on the Kindle, but it did stop my rants about it.  I can see that it is a great device for people who travel, have limited living space, who need large print books, who want to save money on books, or who just don’t care to collect printed books.  I still need my piles of books all around me.

*         *         *

If any of you live in the Annapolis area, The Capital Newspaper is running a story on my book this weekend.  Theresa Winslow is the writer, and she asked great questions during the interview.  The article will be on the book page.  

*         *         *

My alma matter, Archbishop Spalding High School, hosted a book talk and signing event for me last night.  It was such a pleasure to see so many old friends, and–almost fifteen years later–to still have the support of the Spalding community.  I’m deeply grateful to Spalding for hosting the event and to those of you who came out to support me.  Thank you.


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