Last month I read an article in Writer’s Digest Magazine about a self-published author named Brunonia Barry.  After going through the agent process without much luck because she was a first time writer, she started a small publishing company with her husband, published her own book, and began a grassroots marketing campaign.    Our stories were the same until the part that mentioned she hired a publicist.  This publicist was able to get her a review in Publisher’s Weekly, which led to a contract with a traditional publishing house. 

I started reading about book publicists and kept coming across the name Kelley & Hall–Brunonia Barry’s publicity firm.  They seemed to stand out in terms of strategy, popularity, and success.    I had an instant rapport with Jocelyn Kelley, and after a couple of weeks of deliberations, I signed the contract. 

There are no guarantees with book publicity.  Publicists blitz their media contacts to sell their clients and create a buzz, and then, with luck, enough people connect to the material to pursue it.  It doesn’t always work that way, but I feel it’s a necessary step in the process in order to expand my circumference.   I believe in my book and I want to reach as many people as possible.  I’ve done well locally (which this article reaffirmed for me) but I still need to expand farther than my arms alone will reach. 

Let’s all work together to get the word out.  I need you, too.


One thought on “Publicity

  1. Heather J. says:

    I hope this is VERY successful for you! Have you considered doing a book blog tour as well? Not sure what the costs are but TLC Book Tours is a great one to work with. It is run by two of my blogging friends and they have some great contacts!

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