Chesapeake Bay Wine Festival

Let me just start with the weather…


Yes, that is a picture of the cloudless, endless sky.  Breezes moved through the tent mingling the smells of funnel cake and pit beef with the sweet, alcoholic cloud of the main wine tent.  Blues and rock music pumped in from the live bands onstage.  It was a great way to kick off the summer season.

This was my first time as a vendor at a Wine Festival.  I thought it would be worth a shot since my book is partially set in Annapolis, and because I didn’t anticipate having to compete with too many other authors.   I had originally signed on only for Saturday, but sales went so well, I returned today. 

I met some great people at the Festival, and sold lots of books.  I was also able to get books by some other local authors. Here are some author websites and info. worth checking out:

  • Steve Buckley just released a children’s book for little pirates called Blackbear the Pirate.  The bold, color illustrations are captivating.
  • I found this great little t-shirt for the writer/wine enthusiast, for sale at The Wineaux Shop.  It says, “Well Red.”

  • Jack Hennessey wrote a touching children’s book called “The Tree With No Lights.” In it, a young boy feeds the birds in the winter, and earns a special award for his efforts.
  • Finally, in the category of “non-literary, but fun”, the girls at Ice & Elegance not only sold gorgeous costume jewelry, but also handbags made from NFL Jerseys.  I picked up a Steelers bag, but they can have any team made to order.  It’s a nice way for you ladies out there to support your favorite teams without having to wear those large, unflattering team jerseys.

Next week I have two more book clubs and I’ll be at First Sundays Arts Festival in Annapolis.  I hope to see you there!



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