Kindle Owner’s Rock

I met a woman at the Wine Festival I attended this weekend, and we had a great discussion about the Kindle and the future of books.  Linda had just downsized her living arrangements, and needed to get rid of her books.  She bought a Kindle so she could continue to foster her love of reading in a more space-efficient and environmentally-friendly way. 

Today, Linda emailed me about an article she found with an author who blasted Kindle owners for being “elitist”, and said that he just wanted to punch them in the face.  She posted this on her Yahoo group, and that set off a discussion thread of Kindle owners vowing never to buy this author’s work.  In the thread, she mentioned that she had met me, and that my book was available as an ebook. 

From her recommendation this evening, Receive Me Falling, was #1 for Kindle downloads in the category of “Caribbean/West Indies” books.  When my husband told me, I asked him if there were eight or nine of those books.  He said there were over 100. 

*     *     *      *

Now that I’m back from somersaults all over the room, I wanted to share some of the thoughts on digital books that I posted on the Yahoo group discussion thread.

Some authors are afraid to embrace technology and change, and fear that providing their books digitally will cause them to lose money and control.  Sadly, their reluctance to move in the direction of digital readers may leave them far behind. 

I think every writer has different reasons for writing, but I have to truthfully say that many writers–myself included–write because it is our passion and we want to share our stories.  Of course, it would be nice to make money off of a passion, but the joy of writing is reaching readers, connecting with readers, and keeping them up past their bedtimes with great stories. 

Even before digital books, people passed books around to their friends, and borrowed them from libraries.  Not many people–particularly in this economy–have the disposable income to purchase books for $15, $20, or even $30.  I would argue that making books available in a digital format might ultimately get more people to buy books.  Since Kindle owners won’t be lending out their Kindles, others will have to pay for and download the stories they want to read.

So many thanks to Linda, and all the Kindle owners who downloaded my book today.  I hope you enjoy it!


One thought on “Kindle Owner’s Rock

  1. Heather J. says:

    that is so exciting! you GO girl!

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