Weekly Wrap Up

It’s been another busy week for book promotion and publicity.  I went to the book club for Archbishop Spalding High School teachers on Wednesday. The organizers had Carribean-themed drinks and food in honor of the setting of Receive Me Falling.  They also had Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata streaming on a loop in the IPOD as  a nod to the ghostly music heard coming the from the plantation in the book.  A thunderstorm that started halfway through our meeting was the icing on the cake of great book atmosphere, but thankfully, no one was thrown over the edge of a cliff.  🙂 We talked about the book for almost three hours, and I thoroughly enjoyed the meeting.


Today, I was in Annapolis all afternoon for First Sundays Arts Festival.  I’ve been unbelievably lucky with the weather for my street fairs, and today was no exception.  The crowds were out in full force.  I met a lot of wonderful people, connected with many local book club participants, and even sold a book to the mayor of Annapolis, Ellen Moyer.


Next week, I’ll be in Boston doing some research for my second novel set in Key West during the Depression, when Hemingway lived there.   The JFK Museum and Library holds 90% of the body of Hemingway’s letters, manuscripts, and audiovisual materials.  I’ve been given permission to use the Hemingway research room there, and will attend a talk on Tuesday night by famed New Yorker writer, Lilian Ross, who profiled the author when he was alive in her Portrait of Hemingway.  To say that I’m thrilled to be given this opportunity is an understatement.  I’m sure it will yield some great material for my new novel.



One thought on “Weekly Wrap Up

  1. Eileen says:

    You go, girl! Have a great time in Boston…you must be on cloud 9!!

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