Books & Boordy


As a writer, using your creativity doesn’t stop once the words are on the page.  It is, perhaps, more important after your writing is complete, your book is in print, and it’s time to sell it.


My novel, Receive Me Falling, takes place in two time periods on a Caribbean sugar plantation.  The most interesting by-product of cane production is rum, so I thought a vineyard/farmer’s market might be a good place to sell the book. 

I was right.


In addition to the alcoholic theme, a farmer’s market has a lot of food and drink, and, therefore, not a lot of competition for a book seller.  Books provide a nice variation from and complement to the consumables.  For a vendor, Boordy Vineyards provide an ideal atmosphere: shady trees, acoustic music, pastoral views, and wine!  It doesn’t feel like work.

IMG_4239  IMG_4242

The Boordy Vineyard Farmer’s Market and Happy Hour runs every Thursday evening from 4-8 PM during the summer months.  I hope to see you there sometime.

                                           IMG_4245        IMG_4238


                                 *                      *                        *                     *                       *

Sales Update

Since I published Receive Me Falling in March, twenty-one boxes of books (631 copies) have been sitting in my distribution center (the dining room) for me to sell at fairs, signings, and book festivals.  I came home from Boordy with the last three books from my first print run.

Thanks so much to all of you who have supported me.  Your purchases, feedback, book club connections, and Amazon reviews have meant so much. 

Now, I’m going to admire my dining room before the second  shipment arrives next week.


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