Author in Isolation

Writing is isolating. 

Writers work in isolation.  We get strange looks when we try to explain our compulsion to write.  Even if it drives us crazy we must write daily or we don’t feel…right. 

Every now and then we come out of our coffee-stained work spaces for critique groups, or readings, or conferences, or book clubs and are given the sustenance we need to go back into the hole. 

And we do need these little blasts of humanity. 

I happen to need more than the occasional blast, so I’ve taken to social media very well. These little sound-bite relationships give me what I need to return to the page to write fiction.  Do I also use them to procrastinate?–Absolutely!–but I feel refreshed when I read other writers’ blogs or Tweets or Facebook updates.  I learn more about process, marketing, and publishing from these writers.  Providing my own blog posts and updates allows me to flex my other, non-fiction-related writing muscles.  It gives me balance and perspective. It also helps create a web presence, which publishers these days are so keen on. 

I have many of these on my blogroll, but I wanted to highlight some of my favorite agent, writer, and publishing blogs that help me feel a bit more connected to the world.  They help validate what I go through with writing through their shared experiences.  And most important, they give me free advice.  Some are sweet, some are snarky, but all are invaluable.  This is, by no means, a comprehensive list, but it’s a snapshot of some must-reads.

Jenny Bent, Agent

Nathan Bransford, Agent

Kristin Nelson, Agent

Janet Reid, Agent

Rachelle Gardner, Agent

Writer Unboxed

Amanda Craig, Author

Jane Green, Author

Editor Unleashed


Go there.  Learn.  Get connected.


One thought on “Author in Isolation

  1. Kelly says:

    thank you dah-ling. and how are you enjoying your last day of year 32??

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