Sunday Night Book Club

I went to a book club last night in a suburb of D. C.  to discuss my book, Receive Me Falling.  The novel is set on a haunted Caribbean sugar plantation in two time periods.

When I walked into the club, the hostess immediately handed me a rum drink that was mentioned in the book.  The table was set with candles and tropical flowers.  Then, she served us bouillabaisse, and salad with avocado and crab meat.

We had a very stimulating conversation about the book and many other interesting topics.  Finally, for dessert, we got the biggest treat of the night: A cake of my book!!!

Do you see why I love book clubs?!


3 thoughts on “Sunday Night Book Club

  1. Eileen says:

    Okay, I want to join that book club but I NEVER want to host it…too much pressure! That cake was awesome!! I’m sure they loved having you.

  2. Bookjourney says:

    Erika oh my gosh that is so fantastic! I am always trying to keep our book group exciting and this is such a great idea. We have themed reviews around book food and setting before but wow…. you just raised the bar here!

    The cake is a fantastic idea and I so am going to use that! 🙂

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