Love to Hardbean Bookseller & Cafe

I’m playing favorites, here, but I have to plug the greatest, little indie bookshop and cafe in Annapolis, The Hardbean.  The owner, Gary, is a huge supporter of local artists.  The employees are awesome.  It’s got great “cafe” atmosphere.  Whether I’m writing, signing books, getting an early morning cup of coffee, getting smoothies or ice cream for my boys, or sipping wine in the evening (yes, Hardbean has its liquor license), I’m happy, happy, happy to be there.

I really need to work on some revisions, so I’m going to be lazy and just post photos with captions of Hardbean.  Sometimes, it’s better to let the pictures speak, anyway.


My workspace.

The view.

A signing.

Large “Of Local Interest” section shows the ‘Bean’s love for, well, the locals!

Only in Maryland would a can of Old Bay stop by a bookshop.

Gotta love the ‘Bean.


2 thoughts on “Love to Hardbean Bookseller & Cafe

  1. Bookjourney says:

    If you are ever coming Minnesota way be sure to give me a heads up! 🙂

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