And the Winning Title is…

Hemingway’s Girl

36 people voted.

27 picked Hemingway’s Girl.

5 picked After the Storm.

4 suggested variations.

Jennifer S. mentioned that the title Hemingway’s Girl reminded her of Loving Frank, which is EXACTLY what I’m going for.  That book will be a good point of comparison in the query letter.

I would still like After the Storm to be involved somehow, so I might make that a section heading in the book.  The book is in three parts, and it would be nice to incorporate a Hemingway story title for each section.

Thank you for all of your input. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it.


One thought on “And the Winning Title is…

  1. kelly says:

    wow wow wow what a long way to come! yayyyyy!
    and yay for hemingway’s girl, too that was my vote but i wanted to wait it out and hear the other’s thoughts, too.
    more to come in em.

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