New York in June

Every now and then the stars align, and I was the happy recipient of that alignment last week. I was in NY City for about 36 hours and was able to have four meetings, take some research photos for my new WIP, and see MIDNIGHT IN PARIS.

Here I am at the Penguin offices.

My agent, Kevan Lyon, is on the west coast while I’m on the east coast, so we had not yet had the opportunity to meet in person. Since Kevan was in NY for the Romance Writers of America Conference we planned a meeting with each other. My editor at NAL, Ellen Edwards, was also able to meet with us, and we enjoyed a lovely dinner and conversation. I was also so pleased to get to meet my publicist at Penguin. We all seem to share a vision for the book and I feel very fortunate to have such a fantastic team.

With Ellen Edwards of NAL/Penguin

It also happened that the Women’s Fiction writers of RWA (which includes many members of Writer Unboxed) had a speaker and cocktail reception that night. I was able to meet so many fantastic writers who I’ve “known” from Twitter and blogs for so long, and I can’t thank Therese Walsh enough for including me.

With Marilyn Brant, Therese Walsh, and Kristina McMorris

With Jael McHenry

The next morning I had some time so I went to Woody Allen’s new movie, MIDNIGHT IN PARIS. Many friends have recommended this movie to me because of “cameos” by Ernest Hemingway and Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald, and it did not disappoint. It was so charming, in fact, that I’m taking my husband to see it next week. After the movie, I took a picture of one of the fountains in which Zelda Fitzgerald took a dip, and the church where Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald were married.

Plaza Hotel Fountain

St. Patrick’s Cathedral

I was able to have lunch with my friend, Lindsay Ribar, who just got a three book deal with Penguin for her young adult fantasy series about genies. (I know—doesn’t that sound awesome?) We share a love of writing and an obsession with the band Carbon Leaf, who originally brought us together.

Finally, the NAL/Berkley Cocktail Party at Sardi’s finished up my trip. I was able to meet my publisher and just about the entire NAL/Penguin team, in addition to scores of fantastic authors, agents, publicists, and reviewers. It was truly overwhelming in the best possible way.

I was deeply grateful for the opportunity I had to make the trip. To my family for holding down the fort, to my publishing friends for fitting me into their busy schedules, and to the weather for being very cooperative, I am grateful.


14 thoughts on “New York in June

  1. I love that the stars found their way into that magical mix that makes up the next step of your writing journey, Erika! Congratulations! It couldn’t be happening to a more lovely person. Thanks for sharing the excitement!

  2. erikamarks says:

    Erika, how fabulous. I’m quite jealous! I am looking forward to the day I get to NYC to meet my wonderful team at NAL in person–as well as my wonderful agent! Until then, I am a vicarious passenger on your great trip.

  3. I’ve been a fan of the lost generation for sometime. I’m glad to have found your site. Good luck with Hemingway’s Girl. I look forward to its publication. Here is a really short short-story you may enjoy, shrug, or not…Either way, best of luck, and let your troubles roll by.

  4. erikarobuck says:

    Joseph–I loved that short-short! And, oh my, do I detect a Carbon Leaf reference? Nice to meet you here. Thanks for stopping by the blog.

    “He knows he can help himself, he can tell by a look at the books on his shelf…”

  5. Kelly says:

    there should be a word–or rather, i am certain there is and we’ve just not discovered it yet, or adequately experienced its discovering of us–that means merely Yes, but yes in the holiest sense, the unanticipated tho ready yes of recognition…yes, i am aware and avowing of the moment (italacize here)with you, yes i recognize the holy convergence of sacred Nous, yes yes yes….

  6. I can only imagine the thrill of being in those places and meeting your “people” for the first time. Not to mention some pretty fantastic & supportive authors. So glad you had a great time and now have another great souvenir from your trip to Published!!

  7. I also saw Midnight in Paris on my recent trip and thought of you when Hemingway popped up!

    So happy that you got to meet the people who will be along on this journey with you. I’d imagine it makes it feel that much more real. Thanks for sharing the pictures!

  8. Nina Badzin says:

    Love this post though it fills me envy. 😉

  9. Erika Robuck says:

    Nina, I see this in your future. Strongly.

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