The Little Writer That Could

I’m slowly emerging from the writing cave. My eyes are adjusting to the light. I’m sweeping the cobwebs off the blog and making sure everything’s in working order. I’ll be ready to put the wheels back in motion this week with a book review for one of my favorite fall books, but for now, I just want you to know that I’ve missed you and can’t wait to reconnect.

Here’s the deal: I had an aggressive deadline for my edits for HEMINGWAY’S GIRL because in October, my foreign rights agent is going to Frankfurt where, hopefully, she’ll get some foreign publishers interested in the book. The agent needs the complete, approved manuscript by October 1st, so I had to get my edits back to my editor at NAL/Penguin ASAP to give her enough time to read.

Now, if I have to make more changes, which is entirely possible and maybe even probable, we’ll miss the deadline. If my editor can’t get through the million other projects she has before October, that’s the way it goes. All I could do was rely heavily on family and babysitters, neglect my house, and not sleep to get the work done–which I did–but now it’s out of my hands, and I am at peace with that.

I’ll keep you posted every step of the way, as promised, but for now I look forward to a return to semi-normalcy, blogging, reading other people’s books, and diving back into my new manuscript starring Zelda Fitzgerald.

For which the first three chapters and a full synopsis are due on Nov. 1st.


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21 thoughts on “The Little Writer That Could

  1. Sounds like hard work, Erika. Good luck with your two deadlines.
    Congrats on the chance to get foreign rights. You must be so excited!

  2. Sara says:

    Yay! Congratulations on completing your edits! It sounds incredibly intense and couldn’t have been easy. Hope you’re going to do something nice to celebrate (spa day? chocolate? wine?) as well as catch up on everything 🙂
    Also – was wondering, what, at this stage, the “edits” are like? Are they broad? Nitty-gritty? Do you feel like they still “get” you and your original vision for the book or have they taken you in an unexpected direction?

    • erikarobuck says:

      Thank you, Sara. Yes, I have a massage gift card I’ve been saving, and will use it later this week.

      My edits mostly had to do with point of view. The narrative is in 3rd person limited. I have two point of view characters, but my protagonist’s voice is definitely the strongest. I had to add/change a bit more point of view scenes to a supporting character for some balance. The rest was nitty-gritty.

      I’m very blessed to have an editor with the same vision for the book that I have. We spoke at length before she wrote her memo so I wasn’t surprised by anything and so we could brainstorm solutions. I’m excited by the changes and think they really enhance the manuscript.

      Thanks so much for your encouragement and great questions!

      • Sara says:

        Thanks for details, Erika! It’s so cool to hear about your process, get updates, and a behind the scenes peek. It really makes us feel included in the journey. I can’t wait to get a copy in my hands – it will mean so much more now!

        Your relationship with your editor sounds amazing. How lovely to have someone like that to work with and help you develop (both the story and you as a writer!)

        Congrats again and hope you enjoyed your massage! My sister is a massage therapist and I must say I recruit her for rewards moments – there is just nothing as pampering 🙂

  3. erikamarks says:

    Oh, boy, Erika–we are sisters in deadlines! I know exactly how you are feeling right now but so glad to hear this edit round is done and, as you say, out of your hands. Now onto the partial and synopsis of novel #2! So exciting! (And don’t worry, laundry and dust keeps. I should know;))

  4. erikarobuck says:

    Erika, we are soul sisters. Good luck with your deadline and thanks for the reassurance re: dust and laundry. 🙂

  5. Girl Parker says:

    Wow! Spa treatment Stat… I’m humbled and afeared of your deadlines, but you can do it. I remember when the goal of 30,000 word was achieved. So there you go. Onward and Upward. Very exciting!

  6. Congrats on meeting you goals. Can’t wait to see the new book on my shelf next to Receive Me Falling.

    • erikarobuck says:

      Thank you so much. I think you, especially, will enjoy HG. 🙂

      • I never mentioned that the morning I pulled Receive Me Falling from the mailbox, I spilled my coffee over the book, soaking the cover and page-edges. I would have been less disappointed if my copy had not been signed by its author. I will treat HG more delicately.

      • erikarobuck says:

        Do you know I have a thing for coffee stained paper? It’s a weird quirk. I love looking back through my notes and seeing old coffee rings and the way coffee makes the paper crinkle.

        That’s probably not something I should admit in public.

  7. Go, Erika! (*I think I can, I think I can…*) The most rewarding results are the ones we work the hardest for. I’ll be waiting to raise a virtual glass with you in November!

  8. So excited for you! Thanks so much for sharing this part of the journey and giving us these little behind-the-scenes peeks. I have no doubt you’ll kick that next deadline way out of the ballpark!

  9. So excited for you! Great things ahead– you can do it! xo

  10. Nina Badzin says:

    Oh so exciting!!!!! Can’t wait for the reports on foreign rights in 2012! (or earlier!)

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