Review: The Book of Lost Fragrances

“[I]t wasn’t the elaborate wall drawings in the passageway, the alabaster jars, the finely carved and decorated sculptures, or the treasure filled wooden chests that L’etoile would remember for the rest of his life. It was the warm, sweet air that rushed out to embrace him.”

M. J. Rose, The Book of Lost Fragrances

The Book of Lost Fragrances by M. J. Rose is released for publication today, and is 384 pages. It is the fourth book in Rose’s Reincarnationist Series, and is now my favorite of the novels.

From the moment Rose takes readers into an ancient Egyptian tomb with Napolean leading the way, to the present day in the catacombs under Paris, we become lost in a labyrinth of sight and scent that covers both time and place. The worlds of a perfumer in France, a skeptical television host in America, a Buddhist holy man in hiding, and countless others are linked by a fragrant ointment found in an Egyptian tomb, rumored to be a tool for experiencing past lives. Some will give their lives to protect it, other will kill for it, but along the way all who are involved learn the importance of the connections of people across time and space.

M. J. Rose is a master of the multi-period suspense novel. Her present and historical settings are unique and evocative, and her characters are vividly rendered.  Always thrilling and sensuous, Rose appeals to a variety of readers from lovers of genre fiction to those of literary fiction.

The books in the series do not have to be read in order, so don’t be intimidated by the three novels that come before this. If you are interested in bold, exciting, well-written suspense I highly recommend The Book of Lost Fragrances.


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