Review: The Sister Queens

THE SISTER QUEENS by Sophie Perinot was published earlier this month and is 528 pages. I “met” Sophie through our shared passion for history and social media, and was delighted to find out we have the same publisher. We are also in a writer support group called Book Pregnant, and share our launch stories with other authors releasing this year.

THE SISTER QUEENS is the epic story of French sisters Marguerite and Eleanor who marry kings of France and England, respectively, and the way that their lives, loves, and losses unfold over the years. When the novel begins, the girls are young, betrothed, and extremely competitive. After their marriages, they become separated by miles and cultures, but their relationship stays alive in their active correspondence. THE SISTER QUEENS spans over two decades, and chronicles the evolution of each sister’s marriage and country, their children, and how their rivalry bloomed into the most beautiful of friendships.

Perinot’s attention to historical detail and research are evident, though the facts never weigh down the fiction. From battle scenes to bedroom scenes, her detailed writing adds to the scenery of the past and provides a fascinating backdrop for her vivid characters.

Marguerite and Eleanor are strong, authentic women, and at different places in the novel I found my own allegiance shifting from sister to sister, and country to country. Both characters have fully developed arcs, and the ending moved me to tears.

If you enjoy historical novels in the style of Philippa Gregory or Diana Gabaldon, you will love THE SISTER QUEENS. The novel does have very graphic love scenes. I realize this will send some readers scurrying to the book store to buy it, and others running in the opposite direction, but whatever one’s preference, it is clear that Perinot will be a force in historical fiction for years to come.


2 thoughts on “Review: The Sister Queens

  1. Cannery Row Reads says:

    All I have to see is… “If you enjoy Philippa Gregory”.. On my wish-list!

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