Hemingway’s Girl Teaser: 7 Lines

I’ve been tagged by author, Kimberly Brock, whose novel THE RIVER WITCH comes out on April 6th. She said I had to do this:

1. Go to the 77th page of your WIP or latest book.
2. Count down 7 lines.
3. Copy the 7 sentences that follow, and post them.
4. Tag 7 other authors.

In this scene, my protagonist, Mariella (Hemingway’s maid) sits at an outdoor cafe with him, while he works in his notebook. Without further ado, here are seven lines from the 77th page of Hemingway’s Girl. (Though strangely, with WordPress formatting, it doesn’t look like seven lines.)

            “You know, I’m going to write a story about you, Mariella.”

            “Please don’t,” she said.


            “I won’t be used.”


            “When you put people on your pages, you take something away from them.”

            He looked at her closely, and then at his notebook. “I don’t want to share you with anyone, anyway.”  He drew a long, diagonal line over everything he’d written, and turned to a clean page.   

Now, I’ll tag these 7 brilliant authors to give us a tease:

1. Jenna Blum

2. Amy Nathan

3. Jennifer Lyn King

4. David Abrams

5. Ellen Marie Wiseman

6. Sophie Perinot

7. Lydia Netzer

I can’t wait to read their posts!


39 thoughts on “Hemingway’s Girl Teaser: 7 Lines

  1. LOVE these lines! But I’m not surprised. I’m holding my breath for this wonderful book, as gracious and gorgeous as you are, Erika! You humble me and make me thankful for our friendship every day.

    Thanks for sharing my news and for the sweet shout out.
    Little correction — The River Witch is available for pre-order April 15th and releases in ebook and trade paperback April 30th. So excited and thrilled to be on this journey together!

  2. Jenna Blum says:

    Okay, lady, you’re on.


    “Then Alistair hoots and starts waving upward, and everyone oohs and aahs and takes pictures. Karena gets out of the Jeep to see too. A spectacular double rainbow is arcing behind the two hills behind them, its spectrum vibrant and shimmering against the purplish sky. Karena admires it, then glances over at Kevin. She can’t help it. She shouldn’t like him, but she does. She feels happy suddenly, standing at the bottom of this huge inland sea, as if in comparison to the hills her problems are as tiny as she is and maybe, just maybe, solvable.”

    I tag:

    Randy Susan Meyer
    Nichole Bernier
    Anna Solomon-Greenbaum
    Sarah McCoy
    Kristina Yoshida McMorris
    Jane Roper
    Chris Castellani

    …How do I make their names links? Am I doing this right at a lllllllll?

  3. Well that was fun huh. I’m still dry-washing my hands in anticipation for this book Erika… man, and then there’s Zelda to look forward to.

  4. lomaurice says:

    Oh my God, the cover is drop-dead spot-on! I love it. And what a great teaser. I am waiting unitl closer to pub date to read. Cover is wonderful. Good job.

  5. This is awesome Erika! Thanks for tagging me. I only blog on the BP blog so I hope it’s okay to post my lines here, like Jenna did. 🙂 This might be a cool idea for the BP blog though!


    “The expanse of white ground leading up to the entrance was untouched, and she could tell no one had been there. Her heart sank and she turned to leave, then changed her mind and pulled open the rusty lock. Inside, she sat on the cold floor rocking back and forth, praying he’d read her mind and show up. Two hours later, so cold she couldn’t stop shaking, she put the heavy padlock in the latch and left. On her way home, the cavernous sky made every star look crystal clear, and she felt like she could see the entire universe. She wrapped her arms around herself and tried to imagine other places in the world, where people were allowed to say and do as they pleased. Did they have any idea what was happening here? Would they even care?”

    Ok this was eight lines. But I couldn’t leave the last one out!

    Thanks again Erika!

  6. I tried posting who I’m going to tag but don’t see my comment.

  7. We are SO highjacking your blog, lady!

    Since I have no blog (yes, I’m a rebel author), here are my seven lines from my latest ms, a novella titled THE CHRISTMAS COLLECTOR, due out in November. Just turned in the copy edits an hour ago — woo-hoo!


    That damn haunting box.

    Jenna still couldn’t bring herself to throw the thing away, yet she should have. Life had been easier before its complicating ties. Disposing of others’ items had always brought relief—at least until the craving returned. Which it always did. Like an addiction, some would say. Like cigarettes or alcohol, or . . . hoarding.

    “Miss Matthews?” The intern who’d initially greeted Jenna poked her head in from the greenroom. “We’re ready for you.”


    Thanks for the tag! Here are my seven author picks:

    Therese Walsh
    Sarah Jio
    Margaret Dilloway
    Marilyn Brant
    Julie Kibler
    Sarah Reed Callender
    Tawna Fenske

  8. Julie Kibler says:

    Well. My personal blog has one lame entry, so I’m playing here, too. And strangely, my 77th page only has four lines (end of a chapter). So I’m going with some earlier instructions I saw that said 7th or 77th page. This is from the 7th.

    From Calling Me Home, due out in February 2013:

    “She studied me in the mirror over her old-timey vanity table where we rigged a temporary station every Monday. Then Miss Isabelle’s silver-blue eyes, more silver every year as the blue leeched out along with her youth, did something I’d never seen in all the time I’d been cutting and curling and styling her hair. First, they shimmered. Then they watered up. My hands felt like lumps of clay soaked by those tears, and I could neither move them nor convince myself to grasp her shoulders a little tighter. Not that she’d have wanted me to acknowledge her emotion. She’d always been so strong.”

    Whom shall I tag …

    Margaret Dilloway
    Kellie Coates Gilbert
    Ariel Lawhon
    Karen Harrington
    Melanie Thorne
    Natalia Sylvester
    Carleen Brice

  9. Julie Kibler says:

    Oops … Margaret was already tagged! Was trying to be original there.

  10. I’m loving these entries. Thank you, Julie, for tagging me. I’m so happy to discover new writer and new blogs.

    Here’s mine from JANEOLOGY

    “She said she’d been fired for taking money from the cash register, even though she’d sworn she wouldn’t do it again. Then, she was putting on her ” get ’em in the net” outfit, which is a purple sweater with a scoop neckline and this great pink necklace with specks of gold that sat just right around her neck. It’s a beautiful necklace that she told me she got from her grandmother and is going to be mine some day. That is, if she doesn’t hock it again.”

    Thanks, again Julie!

  11. Thanks for tagging me, Julie Kibler. I’ll post over on my blog. But first let me grumble a bit . . . I just spent half my marketing budget on an Amazon order. Can’t wait to read all these great books!

  12. erikarobuck says:

    I’m enjoying these so much!

  13. Jenna says:

    Just found another book to add to my wish-list.. Just what I need!

  14. arielallison says:

    Thanks for that tag, Julie! What a fun game. I’ll post on my blog, but I’ll also share here. This from my newly-finished novel, The Rule of Three. (I also pulled something from page 7 since page 77 didn’t work.)

    Jude takes stock of her shriveled body. “Why did you call me?”

    “You were here the first time, makes sense that you’d be here the last.” Stella lifts her glass and takes a sip of whiskey. Shudders. “Call it a deathbed confession.”

    “This isn’t exactly a church and I’m not much of a priest.”

    “Priest. Detective. What’s the difference? You both love a good confession.”

    His shoulders twitch—a doubter’s shrug. “I’m retired.”

    “You would be here tonight even if I hadn’t asked you to come.” Her eyes shift toward the bar. “You have your sources.”

    I’ll tag seven other writers and send them back here. Thanks for letting me play. – Ariel

  15. Erin Cashman says:

    Thanks for including me Ellen and Erika! I don’t have a blog either so hear goes, page 77 of The Exceptionals:

    I scowled at him. “Dad!” I certainly wasn’t going to talk to him about Dylan — Dylan what? I realized then I didn’t even know his last name, although I had told him mine. Now that I thought aboit it, I heardly knew anything at all about him.

    I hurried into English, late as usual, but class hadn’t started yet. Winny and Ally were talking softly, leaning in towards each other when I slipped into my seat.

    “So what are we whispering about?”

    I’m tagging:
    Julie Wu
    David Abrams
    Amy Nathan
    Amy Franklin- Willis
    Anne Barnhill
    Sophie Perinot

    I can’t wait to read all of these books!


  16. I’m in the throes of editing but here are 7 lines, starting at line 7 from page 7 of The Glass Wives!

    In the kitchen, The Shiva Brigade rallied. Evie watched with awe as they took the reins. Her next-door neighbor and best friend, Laney, played traffic cop – arms flying, fingers pointing. Laney turned away from the food, threw down her head, flipped her long auburn curls and gathered them with her hands, twisted a rubber band and stood, complete with ponytail. Laney preferred her hair around her shoulders because it balanced her hips. Laney with a ponytail meant this was serious business.

  17. My teaser has now been posted at http://www.kelliecoatesgilbert.com. Thanks for including me. This was fun.

  18. Lydia Netzer says:

    Here are 7 lines from page 77 of SHINE SHINE SHINE.

    Okay it’s eight lines and a math equation.

    C C
    / \ / \
    W–H –> M–F

    “How do we get here from there?” she asked. “Mother, father, child. How do we get there?”
    “I think you should start with husband over wife,” he suggested.
    “Why is it H over W? Why not W over H?” she asked.
    “You don’t inseminate a wife with the wife on top. The wife has to be on the bottom.”
    “So H over W equals F over M?”
    “Yes. We have solved everything.”
    “It can’t be that simple.”
    “Really, it is that simple,” said Maxon. “That’s why so many stupid people can do it.”

    Thanks for tagging me Erika!

  19. erikarobuck says:

    You all are marvelous.

  20. Leah says:

    I saw this on another blog and loved the idea. I can’t wait to read your book. I love Hemingway stories.

  21. jenniferlynking1 says:

    What a wonderful log in the comments of so many voices! And a great idea, Erika! Thank you for tagging me… I’ve scheduled mine to go live on my blogging day, Wednesday, over at my site. Sorry I’m late — but it’s better than not at all. :o)

    Oh–and I love your tease for Hemingway’s Girl! I can’t wait to hold it in my hands and read!

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