Indie Bookstore Spotlight: Flyleaf Books

Indie Bookstore Spotlight: Flyleaf Books

Title: Flyleaf Books

Setting: 752 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd, Chapel Hill, NC, 27514

Characters (on Twitter): [ Jamie Fiocco] @FlyleafBook

Backstory: Flyleaf Books opened in November 2009. Owners Jamie Fiocco, Land Arnold and Sarah Carr had all worked in bookstores or publishing for years, and when a landlord in Chapel Hill, NC approached Jamie about opening an independent bookstore in his shopping center she in turn approached Land and Sarah about the project. All three had grown up or lived in Chapel Hill for many years, so they knew there was not only a great reading but a writing community that was not being served by an indie bookstore. In their first three years they have hosted about 350 author events a year.

Hook: Flyleaf is a general independent bookstore, we sell mostly new but some used books and have a really big children’s section. We are really lucky to have a dedicated author events space – hardwood floors, audio/visual equipment and 140 chairs. We can make the space intimate for a small event or open up the entire room for a large event. The space Flyleaf occupies used to be a womens’ gym and the events room is the old aerobics room; it seemed a shame to demolish that great space within a space!



One thought on “Indie Bookstore Spotlight: Flyleaf Books

  1. lomaurice says:

    How awesome! A great success story.

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