Indie Bookstore Spotlight: Concord Bookshop


In honor of the wonderful indies I visited during the Call Me Zelda book tour, I wanted to highlight these places so you can visit them on your own travels. I sent questionnaires to my contacts at each of my stops along the way.  Today’s indie spotlight is The Concord Bookshop in Concord, Massachusetts, a place where I have many fond memories and new friendships.

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Title The Concord Bookshop

Setting 65 Main Street; Concord MA 01742. In the heart of historic Concord 

Characters @ConcordBookshop

Backstory The Concord Bookshop was founded in 1940 as a lending library, morphing to a full-service bookstore over the next few years. Over the decades, we’ve expanded and are constantly tweaking to best fit the needs of both our local community and the many tourists who come to town for our Revolutionary and literary history. Visitors can make a day – or a weekend, or a week! – of touring Walden Pond, the Old North Bridge, the Old Manse, Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, the Concord Museum, and Concord’s many wonderful art galleries and unique independent shops. One of the things that makes us the happiest is when a new-to-us customer walks in the front door and takes about 10 steps before stopping to smile wide and happily sigh “Wow, a REAL bookstore!”

Hook Our event season runs September through June, with author readings and conversation, open mic poetry, and writing workshops. We’re proud of our well-read staff, who enjoy a fun game of “guess the title” when a customer inquires about a book she’s just read a review of, or listened to an author interview. We’re an IndieBound store, highlighting not only bestsellers from national newspapers, but also the “sleeper hits” from the IndieNext list and our own Staff Picks. We’ve devoted two full bookcases to local authors, including H.D. Thoreau, Louisa May Alcott, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and Nathaniel Hawthorne; and are well-stocked with other books of local interest. In addition to books for adults and young readers, we offer magazines, greeting cards, and quality jigsaw puzzles.




2 thoughts on “Indie Bookstore Spotlight: Concord Bookshop

  1. I love reading shelf cards of staff picks at indie stores! It’s always interesting to me to know what the booksellers themselves are reading.

  2. erikarobuck says:

    I love that, too, Stephanie. I’m also finding that you get a great sense of place from indie booksellers.

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