“I suppose you heard about the loss of my Juvenilia? I went up to Paris last week to see what was left and found that Hadley had made the job complet[e] by including all carbons, duplicates, etc… You, naturally, would say, “Good” etc. But don’t say it to me. I aint yet reached that mood. I worked 3 years on the damn stuff.” Hemingway to Ezra Pound, 23 January 1923, THE LETTERS OF ERNEST HEMINGWAY, 1923-1925

The Cambridge University Press, in collaboration with many, including editors Sandra Spanier, Albert J. Defazio III, and Robert W. Trogdon, has just released the second volume of Hemingway Letters, dating from the years 1923-1925. I am in the middle of reading the letters of literary legend (and personal obsession) Ernest Hemingway, and I’m reminded of the feeling of growing intimacy with the writer I had reading his papers at the JFK Museum in Boston.

Uncensored, vivid, humorous, vicious, touching, and fascinating, Volume Two of the Hemingway Letters gives fans of the author and those interested in the life of one living so much in history an unprecedented glimpse into the mind of a literary genius. From silly “screeds” to war buddies, to daring letters meant to goad his mother, Hemingway’s volatile and powerful personality comes through with clarity on the pages.

Footnotes for the letters assist both every day readers and scholars in understanding the context of each of them, and are invaluable and concise. Fans of the “Lost Generation” will thrill over references to John Dos Passos, Gertrude Stein, and F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald, to name a few. Those who read and loved THE PARIS WIFE will be interested to learn about the beginning of the end of Hemingway’s first marriage to Hadley, from his point of view.

I look forward to future releases of the letters chronically the evolution of Ernest Hemingway. I highly recommend this volume for history and Hemingway fans.



2 thoughts on “LETTERS OF ERNEST HEMINGWAY, 1923-1925

  1. Assume he’s writing about his lost manuscript here?

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