National Poetry Month Giveaway

Fallen Beauty cover final


Stranger, pause and look;

From the dust of ages

Lift this little book,

Turn the tattered pages,

Read me, do not let me die!

Search the fading letters, finding,

Steadfast in the broken binding

All that once was I!

~Edna St. Vincent Millay

I have long been beguiled by the work of Pulitzer Prize winning poet, Edna St. Vincent Millay, and her life story so fascinated me that she is the subject of my most recent novel, FALLEN BEAUTY. I hope that when my readers finish the novel, they use the guide in the back to seek out some of Millay’s writings, or what has been written about her.

In honor of National Poetry Month, which begins today, I am giving away a copy of FALLEN BEAUTY. To win, please comment below with your favorite poet or poem, and please share on social media. The giveaway is open to US residents only, and ends at 9 PM EST on Thursday, April 3rd. 

Here is a little on the background of FALLEN BEAUTY to tempt you to open its pages:

Click here to read an excerpt of the novel.

Good Luck!


11 thoughts on “National Poetry Month Giveaway

  1. Elizabeth Bevins says:

    I love Pablo Neruda, Wendell Berry, Frost, EE Cummings, and of course MILLAY! Not In A Silver Casket and Renasance are two of my favorites of hers.

    You pick such wonderful subjects for your novels. And the stories as so well told. Just beautiful!

  2. erikarobuck says:

    Elizabeth, I have never read Berry, so I will have to check it out! Thank you so much for your kind words.

  3. stephanie brantley says:

    I think my favorite is Sara Teasdale’s poem Soft Rains. I also like Millay’s poem Afternoon on a Hill.

  4. Terry Martini says:

    My favorite poet is Billy Collins. I am really looking forward to reading Fallen Beauty. I have loved all of your previous books!

  5. Darcie Morin says:

    My favorite poet is shel silverstein

  6. Jim Kane says:

    Hi Erika!

    Poetry? Well let’s see. John Donne and George Herbert come to mind. So does TS Eliot and his “Journey of the Magi” is one of my favorites.


  7. Kari Wintrow says:

    My favorite poet is Edgar Alan Poe. I love The Raven, it’s my favorite.

  8. L.A. Carter says:

    My favorite poets are Hafiz, Rumi, Hugo Williams, Ai, and the Strivers Row spoken word poets and I’m excited about this book regardless. Yay for Poetry Month!

    Best and Congratulations on another published book,

  9. erikarobuck says:

    I love all of these suggestions! Thank you for your comments and shares.

  10. I’m probably biased, but my favorite poet is Jack Ridl, who was one of my former writer instructors.


    Lauren Stacks

  11. erikarobuck says:

    Stephanie Brantley, you are the winner!! Thanks so much to all who participated and spread the word!

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