The House of Hawthorne, Goodreads Giveaway


Some Words on the Hawthornes…

When Nathaniel and Sophia Hawthorne bewitched me through their etchings on the window glass of their first residence together, the Old Manse, in Concord, Massachusetts, I became obsessed with those passionate artists, and what they both gained and lost to lead lives of domesticity.

While reading her Cuba journal, I felt Sophia Peabody assert herself as my narrator: the keeper of the Hawthorne story. As is often the case, history recognizes the one who had the most fame, who is traditionally the man. Like other stories of artists and their spouses, the one without the attention is often a large and dynamic influence on the work of the one who is well known.

With each novel, I seek to challenge myself in a new way. In THE HOUSE OF HAWTHORNE I have attempted to take on the voice of Sophia Peabody Hawthorne to tell the story of what creatives give up for love, and how some artists are never at home on the earth. I do hope I did Sophia and her dear family justice.


My publisher is giving away 100 copies of THE HOUSE OF HAWTHORNE. (We are still waiting on final cover approval, so it is not shown, but we should be able to list the cover by Thanksgiving.) If you are interested in reading this novel, kindly add it to your Goodreads’ shelves, enter the drawing, and share it if you are so inclined.

THE HOUSE OF HAWTHORNE is also available for pre-order from the following sites:



Barnes & Noble


Google Play


Penguin Random House


Happy Reading!


4 thoughts on “The House of Hawthorne, Goodreads Giveaway

  1. drbethnolan says:

    Oh my goodness – when I saw those etchings on my first trip to the Manse, I thought it was the most romantic thing I have ever witnessed. I almost cried. I pictured Sophia looking out those windows, watching their young children, all within sight of the Old North Bridge. I love their story together and can’t wait to read your story of them! All three Peabody sisters were so interesting, but I just love Sophia as she was gentle and more of an introvert. okay – I will stop gushing now…lol -Beth 🙂

  2. Melissa Crytzer Fry says:

    I love learning about how you’ve been motivated by the subjects of your novels, Erika. Can’t wait to read! can’t wait to see that final cover either!

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