Winter Giveaway


No one but Night, with tears on her dark face,
Watches beside me in this windy place.”

~Edna St. Vincent Millay, “Night Is My Sister”

Inspired by the works of the troubled, Bohemian poet, Edna St. Vincent Millay, I wrote FALLEN BEAUTY in the dark of winter, and it should be read in the dark of winter. It is a book about how cruel we can be to one another, how our judgements are often condemnations of our own guilty secrets, and how love between friends and companions may grow in unexpected places.

My novels are very visual to me in their creation. Here is a board of images that reflects the plot, themes, and time period of FALLEN BEAUTY. And here is the book trailer for the novel.

I have a copy of FALLEN BEAUTY to giveaway. Please comment below on your favorite poem by Millay, or your thoughts on winter, and share the post on some form of social media to be entered into the drawing. The giveaway will close at 9 PM ET on Tuesday, January 13th, and is open to residents of the US and Canada.

Best wishes!


36 thoughts on “Winter Giveaway

  1. Terry Martini says:

    I love the snow but hate the cold. Wish this cold snap would go away! I have never read any poems by Millay but will soon remedy that. Looking forward to reading your book. It is on my TBR list. I shared on Twitter and Facebook.

  2. Michael says:

    I like the cold, darkness of winter…its a good excuse to stay home and read.

  3. Jennifer Huelsebusch says:

    I really enjoyed your story in Grand Central and have wanted to read your books! I don’t mind winter because I like to bundle up as long as the roads aren’t too bad. Not too crazy about the current temp of 13 degrees in St Louis now though.

  4. Lana Ryder says:

    Interesting woman Millay! I will choose “Renascence” for this entry. I really enjoyed Hemingway’s Girl, by the way!

  5. Kimberly V says:

    My thoughts on winter: I like it as long as I don’t have to leave the house.
    I’ve shared on Twitter.

  6. Bonnie K. says:

    I like Afternoon on a Hill. I love season changes. I enjoy the winter season for awhile, and then I’m ready for spring. I think it’s awesome we get these seasonal changes. I wouldn’t want winter all the time. Sharing on twitter.

  7. My thoughts about winter is that I like it much better when it isn’t so cold– I grew up in Illinois and then lived in Missouri, Indiana, Kentucky, and now southern Alabama. I must say winter isn’t so bad when there is sunny days and some 60 and 70 degree weather. I have shared on facebook.

  8. joan Ewonchuk says:

    Winter can be frigid and dangerous to drive. But it can also be cozy reading a book in front of the fireplace.

  9. charargaez says:

    I loved reading Edna St. Vincent Millay in university. Thanks for reminding me…I like the poem “Song of a second April”. Thanks for the chance! Your book looks really good 🙂
    RTing on Twitter @charlalotta

  10. charargaez says:

    Reblogged this on myhomemadelibrary and commented:
    Enter to win a copy of Erika Robuck’s ‘Fallen Beauty’ – open until Monday, January 12, 2015 (U.S. and Canada).

  11. nomadreader says:

    I adore winter, and it makes me think of Millay herself. My husband grew up in the small town in which she lived, and my first experiences in it were in the middle of winter, and I chose a collection of Millay’s poems to read on that trip.

  12. Laurice M. (reeska) says:

    I like winter because I like snuggling!

  13. Love the description and how sort of moody this story sounds!!

  14. Ashley says:

    I love the beauty of winter

  15. I love Edna St. Vincent Millay’s poetry . . . but what is my favorite? Maybe “The Spring and the Fall” ? “Love has Gone and Left Me”? )By the way, I really enjoyed “Hemingway’s Girl”!)

  16. Anna says:

    My favorite thing about winter is curling up with a good book (hint, hint :))

  17. Pia Kealey says:

    If I have made enough peace with winter to see her beauty, I can do the same with my internal landscape—carry a lamp around in the darkness of it and say, Oh, you are here, to my least favorite emotions with acceptance rather than resistance

  18. erikarobuck says:

    We have a winner, and that is Bonnie! Thank you all so much for participating and sharing. Happy Winter Reading!

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