Girl on the Golden Coin Giveaway!



Today marks the paperback release of Marci Jefferson’s fabulous novel, GIRL ON THE GOLDEN COIN. In it, Royalist exile Frances Stuart must walk a fine line between pleasing kings and protecting her family’s secret. Jefferson has received heaps of praise (including my own) for this passionate, historically rich novel, including:

“This small leap from the Tudors is a must-read for Alison Weir-Philippa Gregory fans.” – Booklist

“Jefferson’s intoxicating first novel superbly draws readers into the mischief and maneuverings, loyalties and treacheries, and lust and hostility of powerful 17th century kings and scheming court sycophants.” – Publisher’s Weekly (starred review)

“Written with spirit and insight, the novel reveals both the glamour and the dirt of court life while peering into the soul of a woman who is one of the unsung heroines of English history.” – Historical Novels Review

I have one copy to give away. If you would like to win, please comment below on your favorite historical fiction author or time period by 9 PM ET on Thursday, February 26th, and share on social media. (US residents only, please.) Good luck!



23 thoughts on “Girl on the Golden Coin Giveaway!

  1. Jim Kane says:

    Good morning Erika!

    To be honest, because of my love of history, I tend not to have a favorite period. I have certainly enjoyed your books in part due to my English undergrad degree and that good historical fiction can bring history alive in characters such as Hemingway, St Vincent Millay, and the Fitzgeralds, as you have done.

    I have read some in the time frame of Marci’s book (and I have English History as part of my undergrad work) and Richard III is my favorite Shakespeare play, but again I have no real favorites!

    Then again, there might be a hint as I chose to watch Downton Abbey and Grantchester ahead of the Oscars last Sunday night! 🙂



    • erikarobuck says:

      Thanks for commenting, Jim! Your reviews are thoughtful and complex, and I know you would have a lot to think about with this book.

      I love that you chose Downton and Grantchester over the Oscars. I turned off the show to read The Girl on the Train. 🙂

  2. Hi Erika!

    This is so wonderful! Book giveaways are lovely. I would have to say I have a few favorite historical authors. For fiction I love Michelle Moran and yourself. The stories the two of you weave make me feel like I am actually walking in the footsteps of the characters. I feel I can live, eat and breath that piece of history and it’s glorious! It inspires me for my own writing. I also absolutely adore Edward Rutherfurd. His books make me feel like I have lived many different lives by the time I am done with them. As for non-fiction, I would have to say Alison Weir. She has compiled a massive amount of information on English monarchs and I am overjoyed at having her on my bookshelf.

    My favorite things to read about are the French, anything Paris (especially Marie Antoinette), history and the great american authors Hemingway and Fitzgerald. Their writings have inspired my own.

    I could go on forever about books and what I love so I will leave it at this now. Thanks for being a true gem!

    -J. Fennell

  3. I just love the gorgeous cover on this one, Erika.

    I don’t know if I have a favorite historical period. Each era has its own particular fascinations.

  4. Letty Blanchard says:

    Love this cover!! I enjoy reading historical fiction from different time periods. Thank you for the chance, Erika!

  5. Chris Koller says:

    I enjoy reading historical fiction from all different time periods. One of my favorite authors is Margaret George, she paints such a vivid picture with her words. Thanks for a chance at the giveaway!

  6. Terry Martini says:

    I love most historical fiction but I think my favorite time period is medieval and one of my favorite authors, Elizabeth Chadwick, writes wonderful books that take place during that time.

  7. Susan Curry says:

    My favorite time period is WWII. “Sarah’s Key” was my fave for awhile, then “Unbroken.” But I just finished reading “All The Light I Cannot See” by Anthony Doerr which I got off of your “Best Books of 2014” list and that is now my favorite historical fiction book for that time period. I hosted bookclub this month and that was our book! Everyone loved it!

    • erikarobuck says:

      I am also WWII obsessed. I have loved all of those books, and I’m so glad your book club enjoyed All the Light. My husband is not a huge reader, but he is devouring that novel. It is a masterpiece.

  8. schmelzb says:

    Thank you for all your historical fiction recommendations! One title I would like to add is “Someone Knows My Name” by Lawrence Hill. His book is similar to Alex Haley’s “Roots” from a female’s perspective. Don’t we readers love characters who are literary themselves? Susan Vreeland and Karen Cushman are two more of my favorite HF writers. Looking forward to your book launch in Annapolis! Our Annapolis book club is discussing Doerr’s book tonight and I was a call-in guest from out of town.

    • erikarobuck says:

      I have never heard of Someone Knows My Name; I’ll have to check it out. Great recommendation! I hope you had a great book club discussion.

      Looking forward to the launch!

  9. girlparker says:

    This has been on my to-read list for ages! And Hiya Erika! Thanks for the giveaway. =)

  10. Love Lisa See and early 20th century Shanghai.

  11. Sarah says:

    Number the stars by Lois Lowry was the beginning of my love of historical fiction.

    Thanks Erika!

  12. mdjoyn says:

    My favorite time period to read about in historical fiction is WW2. I find it snintriguing and love it.

  13. mdjoyn says:

    Typically, I Find myself gravitating towards books set during World War II. I find them to be so intriguing, especially when authors look at the more “under appreciated” stories, such as those of how the women and children handled the anguish of the war and what they did in order to survive. However, recently, I have been reading a lot of historical fiction set during the Tudor dynasty in England. Henry VIII and his family dynamics are incredibly interesting and it is not something that is normally covered at length in history classes.

  14. erikarobuck says: selected Sarah as our winner! Congratulations, Sarah! Thanks so much for all of your comments, shares, and recommendations!

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