“I didn’t set out to lose myself. No one does, really. No one purposely swims away from the solid, forgiving anchor of their heart. We simply make the tiniest of compromises, the smallest of decisions, not realizing the way those small changes add up to something larger until we are forced, for better or worse, to face the people we have become.” Eleanor Brown, THE LIGHT OF PARIS


The Light of Paris is the miraculous new novel from New York Times–bestselling author Eleanor Brown, whose debut, The Weird Sisters, was a sensation beloved by critics and readers alike.
Madeleine is trapped—by her family’s expectations, by her controlling husband, and by her own fears—in an unhappy marriage and a life she never wanted. From the outside, it looks like she has everything, but on the inside, she fears she has nothing that matters.

In Madeleine’s memories, her grandmother Margie is the kind of woman she should have been—elegant, reserved, perfect. But when Madeleine finds a diary detailing Margie’s bold, romantic trip to Jazz Age Paris, she meets the grandmother she never knew: a dreamer who defied her strict, staid family and spent an exhilarating summer writing in cafés, living on her own, and falling for a charismatic artist.

Despite her unhappiness, when Madeleine’s marriage is threatened, she panics, escaping to her hometown and staying with her critical, disapproving mother. In that unlikely place, shaken by the revelation of a long-hidden family secret and inspired by her grandmother’s bravery, Madeleine creates her own Parisian summer—reconnecting to her love of painting, cultivating a vibrant circle of creative friends, and finding a kindred spirit in a down-to-earth chef who reminds her to feed both her body and her heart.

Margie and Madeleine’s stories intertwine to explore the joys and risks of living life on our own terms, of defying the rules that hold us back from our dreams, and of becoming the people we are meant to be.


Because I am immersed in my own research, I have a pile of novels tapping their feet, waiting for me to review them. I don’t want to let this one pass by before I’ve had time to dig in, so I’m giving away the gorgeous hardcover Putnam sent to me, and keeping the ARC for my future reading pleasure.

Jojo Moyes (bestselling author of ME BEFORE YOU) says THE LIGHT OF PARIS is, “So lovely and bighearted–it made me long for Paris.” 

Paula McLain (bestselling author of THE PARIS WIFE) says, “Wry, affecting, and deeply rewarding, THE LIGHT OF PARIS will keep you thinking–and smiling–long after the last page is turned.”

I cannot think of higher praise!

To win a copy of THE LIGHT OF PARIS simply comment below about your favorite Parisian-inspired novel or film, and share the giveaway on social media. The drawing will run until Tuesday, July 26th at 9 PM EST. (US only, please.)

Bonne chance! 



21 thoughts on “Giveaway: THE LIGHT OF PARIS

  1. Rhonda Gothier says:

    French Kiss with Meg Ryan.

  2. Stephanie Smith says:

    A Paris Apartment

  3. Rhonda Gothier says:

    French Kiss with Meg Ryan

  4. Javaneh Fennell says:

    Paris, the city of my heart and a place I swear my soul still flutters around the cobble stone streets, is the greatest city in the world! Picking a favorite book is difficult. The Paris Wife by Paula McLain is an incredible story of Heningway’s first wife and their move to Paris to join the rest of the ex-pats in the artist saturated city. There is also The Paris Architect by Charles Belfour, The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah, and Fugitive Colors which all articulate WWII Paris in all its beautiful glory and immense tragedy. Next there is Abundance by Sena Jeter Naslund which mostly takes place in Versailles but close enough to Paris to give you a decadent but sad feeling of the tragic Marie Antoinette. Last but certainly not least is, and probably the greatest book on Paris, is Paris by the incredible Edward Rutherfurd which takes you on one of the most immersive and emotional journeys through Parisian history a novel could possibly offer! I was glued to my seat throughout the entire book and nearly picked it up again immediately and read it. As for movies, I would have to say Midnight in Paris because who wouldn’t want to go back to 1920’s Paris and drink with Hemingway and F. Scott Fitzgerald and walk the streets of Paris in the rain? Or Paris, Je T’aime because the stories are short but brilliantly special.

  5. Susan I says:

    The Sun Also Rises, although I’m not sure it’s Paris-inspired? Paris In Love by Eloisa James, maybe?

  6. So many good ones I could name. I’ll go with one of my recent favorites- “The Elegance of the Hedgehog” by Barbery. Thanks for this giveaway, Erika! 🙂

  7. Leslie Burrell says:

    I really enjoyed The Paris Winter by Imogen Robertson.

  8. Bonnie K. says:

    I enjoyed The Paris Apartment by Michelle Gable, The Paris Wife by Paula McLain and I really loved the movie, Amélie. This movie had so many locations filmed. I need to watch this movie again.

  9. Laurice McClung says:

    The Paris Wife

  10. gigiandthensome says:

    The Paris Architect is one of my favorites. Very excited to hear it will be made into a film.

  11. pidabean says:

    The Paris Wife is one of my favorites.

  12. tmrtini says:

    I loved the film Midnight in Paris and the book A Paris Apartment by Michelle Gable. I tweeted and shared on Facebook.

  13. JT says:

    Ratatouille 🙂

  14. Tonya says:

    The magic of Before Sunrise still has me in its grasp. The entire trilogy actually. It captivates the beauty of the city and the intensity of a romance and deep friendship underway.

  15. Renee Payne says:

    Paris is a Moveable Feast
    Midnight in Paris
    Can’t do just one.

  16. Judy Jordan says:

    Sabrina, both the Humprey Bogart version and the Harrison Ford version. French Kiss was also a great movie. Recently read The Paris Effect, which was ok.

  17. Reeca elliott says:

    Oh wow!! Thanks so much for the chance…..this is one I have been waiting to read!!!

  18. erikarobuck says:

    Thanks so much all who entered and shared!

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