Lit Gifts

Happy 2017!

Here is a Video Blog about my favorite books and literature-themed gifts I received this holiday season:

What books or lit gifts did you receive this year? 


2 thoughts on “Lit Gifts

  1. schmelzb says:

    Your vlogs are fun, but did you know that the titles are all mirror images so your viewers cannot see the titles in “forward” reading.

    My Christmas book presents included a great bag for carrying books from the library or bookstore. It is a recycled bag made by In that bag I received an Amazon gift card, a writing journal and a great bookmark hand to put on the exact line you stop reading! From my daughter I received two journals from Rebound Designs, a Maryland company which makes purses and journals from actual book covers and pages! I gifted myself with a “novel journal” which contains the full text of “Emma” by Jane Austen. The text is in a miniature font and you write between the lines! I purchased this journal at the Annapolis Bookstore when I bought your pb of “The House of Hawthorne” which I gave to my daughter Suzanne, another avid reader, who gave me Ali Smith’s “public library and other stories.” My son and DIL chose from my Amazon wish list and gave me “Author in Progress” recommended by you and edited by Therese Walsh and the Writer Unboxed Community with a foreward by James Scott Bell. How many craft books can you have??!!??
    Love your gloves!
    Best book I have read in 2017 so far, I highly recommend for parents and teens: Mary Amato’s “Guitar Notes.” It resonates!!

    Warmly, Beth

    • erikarobuck says:

      Beth, What a wonderful, bookish holiday you had! Those are great gifts!

      I did notice the covers look flipped, and I have no idea how to fix that. I am a luddite, and it’s a miracle I can even figure out how to upload to Youtube. 🙂

      Happy Reading!

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