Book Cover Contest



  • I have a new book releasing in the fall called #HOCKEYSTRONG. It’s a satire about sports parents insanity. (We all know those parents–never ourselves, of course.) 😉
  • #HOCKEYSTRONG will NOT appeal to my historical fiction fans.
  • It will appeal to people who enjoyed THE NANNY DIARIES, THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA, and WHERE’D YOU GO BERNADETTE, or TV and film like BEST IN SHOW, DADDY’S HOME, BAD MOMS, and THE OFFICE.
  • I’m writing satire as “E. Robuck” instead of “Erika Robuck”–a subtle distinction.
  • I’m still actively writing historical fiction.


  • Designer extraordinaire, Eric Wilder, came up with three cover concepts, and I want my readers to choose their favorite. (Synopsis below.)
  • Voting will automatically enter you to win a copy of the book.
  • Feel free to share on social media.
  • Voting closes at noon on Friday, August 11th.


If you fail at Pee-Wee Hockey, you fail at life. Right?

Charlie and Kate Miller are involved, supportive parents who have always loved to watch their little athlete play. Until now.

When their son Brett makes a competitive U12 ice hockey team, they have no idea how fully it will engulf their lives. It quickly becomes apparent, however, that to the dad-coach and parents around them youth hockey isn’t just for fun—it’s a way of life.

While the Millers attempt to keep perspective, they slowly find themselves spending endless hours of idle time at the rink, jockeying for the affections of a sadistic coach, keeping up on social media, and interacting with parents—including Real Housewives-like Justin and Piper and super-spirited team parents Bill and Tina—whose shared life goal seems to be Pee Wee Hockey immortality.

Irreverent and acerbic, #Hockeystrong explores the culture of youth sports, suburban politics, and parents behaving very, very badly.

So, which cover is your favorite? A, B, or C? 


9 thoughts on “Book Cover Contest

  1. I vote for option A.

    This book sounds incredible, Erika! I’ve been wondering when your next book is coming out (in fact, I just checked Goodreads yesterday! I was so happy to see this post today!) Can’t wait to read it 😊

  2. Jennifer S. Brown says:

    I love cover A because I’m a fan of simplicity, and I’d totally pick that up at the bookstore. Cover C is also intriguing, as so many of us parents will identify with it, but I think it skews younger. Cover B is nice, but it looks YA to me. So, in order of preference, A, C, B. As a mom of kids who (used to!) play hockey and who lives in a VERY hockey-centered town, I’ll look forward to reading this.

  3. tmrtini says:

    I really like cover A!

  4. paula cappa says:

    How exciting for you, Erika. The line copy is way too small to read, even when I enlarged the screen. If that’s a problem here, then it might not be readable on Amazon. B. and C. are too busy with distractions. A. has a YA feel to it.

  5. Gigi says:

    Love A and absolutely cannot wait to read this! My husband plays on threee beer league hockey teams and they have so much drama. Congrats on another exciting publication!

  6. Melissa Crytzer Fry says:

    So excited for your dive into something different genre-wise, Erika! Fun cover options — I see you picked a winner!

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