Welcome to Muse, where it’s (almost) all historical fiction, (almost) all the time. Here, you’ll read about Erika’s favorite recent historical fiction reads and news about her own writing.

Erika Robuck self-published her first novel, RECEIVE ME FALLING. NAL/Penguin USA published her subsequent novels: HEMINGWAY’S GIRL (2012), CALL ME ZELDA (2013), FALLEN BEAUTY (2014), and THE HOUSE OF HAWTHORNE (2015).  She is also a contributor to GRAND CENTRAL (July 2014, Berkley/Penguin), a short story anthology set at Grand Central Terminal in New York, following World War II, and AUTHOR IN PROGRESS: A No-Holds-Barred Guide to What It Really Takes to Get Published.

Erika also writes satire as E. Robuck, and her forthcoming novel #HOCKEYSTRONG (about sports parents behaving badly) releases in the fall of 2017.

For more information, check out Erika’s website at www.erikarobuck.com, her author page on Facebook, “Erika Robuck, Author”, or find her on Twitter @ErikaRobuck.

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Authors and Publishers

If you would like Erika to review your work of historical fiction, send an email to info (at) erikarobuck (dot) com . Erika is not a critic, so she does not post reviews for books she doesn’t enjoy.


Book Club, Speaker, and Event Requests: info (at) erikarobuck (dot) com .


13 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Alison says:

    I just want to say, honestly and not at all to patronize, that I’m so happy for you! It is inspirational to know someone who has a beautiful talent, believes in herself, and works very hard at making a dream come true. What you’re doing is way out of my league and what would be my comfort zone, so it’s great to watch this all come together for you. Congratulations! And thanks for being that inspirational person for me.

  2. Christina Fohner says:

    I do not have the words to express how truly proud I am to call you my friend! You have followed your dreams and are ‘really’ doing what you love! What an inspiration to us all to follow suit and love the life we live! Cheers to you. I am going to tell everyoone I know about your novel!

  3. Lara T. says:

    Erika, just in the short time we have re-newed our acquaintance, you have impressed me with your dedication and your obvious use of a plan! No humor meant, I am a great fan of organization and planning!! And I can see you have a goal and you are riding ahead with blinders on and I applaud you! It gives me hope for my own publishing dreams. Additionally, it has made me curious about a whole other avenue to getting my story in print.
    Additionally, your blog is wonderful to read! I love it! Great job!
    Brava, my friend.

  4. Traci Curtis says:

    I am so excited, proud, amazed, inspired, and so many other emotions right now! I am so happy for you! I have spent the past hour or so perusing your website and reading your blogs. I copied and sent pieces to my girlfriend who is obsessed with Pride and Prejudice and will love your novel, I’m convinced. I cannot wait to read it! I never knew about this historian part of you, then again we crossed paths in another lifetime for both of us. Teaching with you was awesome and an experience that will never be forgotten. What memories of those days…How do you do it all? I have so much admiration for you and all that you are achieving and working for! Wow! I will be placing my order in the next day or so and pass the info. on to other friends and family! So excited for you! What an inspiration to women all over the place! Hope your boys are doing well and say hello to Scott!

  5. Kathy Shaffer says:

    Just finished reading your writing assignment for our creative writing class and I was very impressed. So, I checked out your first book on Amazon and also made my way to your blog. You have a dedication to the craft and that’s very inspiring. I’m a firm believer in the power of positive thinking and following your passion. Seems like you are doing both. Much luck to you!!

  6. Sherry Brown says:

    Erika pls. call me. We wd like to have you speak to our Woman’s Club.

    Sherry Brown

  7. erikarobuck says:

    Thank you all so much for your kind words and comments.

  8. Hey Erika,

    Just chatted briefly on your Writer Unboxed article and decided to check out your blog. You are several steps ahead of me on the writing path (me: just writing my first book) and seem to know what you are doing, so I’m sure I’ll be looking for your footprints to help guide me.

  9. Mem erica you are an extraOrdinary writer ! Your thaughts , your perceptions are really great ! I love reading your works , and i also want to become writer same as you…i am your biggest fan.

    You are inspirative , thank you.

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